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Creativity can be defined as the ability to formulate a novel idea or approach. The Centre promotes all forms of creativity, encompassing everything from the arts to the sciences and leadership, from everyday personal creativity to problem solving for global issues and paradigm-shattering breakthroughs.

The Atlantic Centre for Creativity is an interdisciplinary centre established within the University of New Brunswick to support and advance research, teaching and learning in the area of creative development.

It is guided by a collaborative committee comprised of faculty members, representatives of UNB entrepreneurship and innovation centres, and community partners. As such, one of its central goals is to infuse creativity into the culture of UNB and the region in order to support the growth of new ideas and solutions to social, cultural and economic challenges and opportunities.

The Centre promotes the dissemination of research and provides tools and resources on creativity through various courses, programs, workshops and special events taking place on a provincial, region, national and international level.